Stepping Away


The stress, anxiety, depression. The emotional numbness that was my life.

I did what I was supposed to do…

I graduated high school, went to college to start a career I was passionate about. Got a good job as an Emergency Room nurse so that I can make a difference in people’s lives. 

That’s the advice countless people around the world receive everyday on how to be successful.

“Then why am I riddled with fear, anxiety and feeling physically sick every time I get in my car to go to work?”

In the world, country leaders are supposed to take care of their people…

School systems are supposed to educate their students…

And corporate companies are supposed to take care of their employees…

The reality is that most of us never had a chance. 😞


I am a 15yr successful Emergency Room nurse who had my passion for helping someone in a life threatening situation, squashed by our health systems. These systems only elevated those who became robots. The CEOs and administration were programming us to work harder and harder with less and less. Then reprimanded and gaslit us when we tried to make a change for our patients.

But (thankfully) the world is starting to change…

Everyday, more people are realizing that there’s not just one path in life.

There’s the path society expects you to follow… and there’s the path for those who don’t want to conform.

You’ve heard their names…

– Steve Jobs

– Bill Gates

– The Zuck

People who refused to fit in a box, dropped out of college, and went on to achieve success. 😎

Many, many others are on a similar path…

They’ve given up on the “traditional” system and are fighting tooth and nail to forge their own path…

You too?

If so, I want to invite you to a brand new program where you can learn proven strategies that have allowed me to help people in a different way.

It’s something called the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge where you’ll learn…

➡️ How To Start, Launch & Scale A High-Ticket Freelance Digital Marketing Business

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➡️ How To Market Valuable Products & Services That People Are Already Purchasing

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And that’s JUST the beginning…

You’ll also get a no cost 1-on-1 Business Consultation with an advisor from our team to help you clarify and implement your own customized business plan. All Of This For Under $10!

So, If you want to step out of the box

Press “Learn More” and I will also send you a FREE checklist to get you started now 👊 and you’ll have the opportunity to get into the 15 day business builder challenge for less than ten bucks!

See you on the inside!

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