30 Days To A New You

Do you need help with getting healthy this New Years?

I will be starting a “30 days To A New You” group coaching program starting January 6th. This is a great starting point if you’re not sure how to begin your new healthy life. This is a private Facebook program to give you a weekly step by step guide to transition you to a fat burning machine.

🌟So lets make 2020 the year to live a lifestyle full of vitality with none of the guilt.🌟

If you’re wanting to start a New Years Resolution to loose weight and get healthy then join my private FB group coaching program starting Jan 6th for only $30. I will knock $5 off if you sign up before the 1st. 😉

For more details and to sign up click the link HERE and make sure you are following my fitness page on Facebook HERE.

♥️For those who can’t enjoy the holidays with their loved ones or are missing someone they love this season please feel free to reach out. Don’t ever feel lonely. I will be reading every email and/or comment if you need to talk. With the recent loss of my brother I’m finding it helpful to be able to reach out when I need it.

💚Stay safe, stay healthy and I’ll see you next year💚

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