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If you would like to get to keep up with my rescue cats and eventually my country animals please follow me on my new TikTok page. You can also find us on my FB business page.

All Of My Fur Rescue Babies

Our oldest orange tabby, Miss Ghettylee. She is 16 yrs old. We rescued her as a baby kitten off the streets in IL. She has some arthritis and gets thyroid medicine everyday. She is a crabby old lady and loves her dad the most.

Our 2nd oldest grey, short haired tabby, Mr McCreedy. He is 10 yrs old. We rescued him as a baby kitten off the streets in IL. He can be a bully of play time and loves to eat everything, just like a puppy. He’s had to go to the vet many time for eating plastic, carbon filters, styrofoam etc. His favorite toy is strings.

Lars is 9yrs old and he was adopted from my brother who passed away in 2019. He is a very sweet and polite polydactyl kitty. He will sit and watch everyone else start eating before he will start eating. He loves treats but will not chase for them. You must set them at his feet, lol. He loves strings.

Hansel (black) and Gretel (siamese) are brother and sister. They are 7 and were rescued as baby kittens from getting attacked and killed by pitbulls.

Hansel has high anxiety and asthma. So we are very particular about cat litter and food.

Gretel has developed hip dysplasia over the past yr. So she gets a joint supplement daily.

Our newest addition, Meyers. He was a stray that showed up at our backdoor when we moved to the country in MO on 1-2023. He is less the 1yrs old. He has non stop zoomies all day long and is trying his best to be a part of the pack.

Through out my adult life Ive owned many cats/dogs of all shapes, sizes and health needs. Through trial and error and alot of wasted money. I have made a list of my favorite pet products. Including what I use on transports.

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Do You Need A Pet Transported?

Please Email Me You Request with…

  • Your name
  • What type of pet and weight
  • Pick up and drop off location
  • When do you need transport

Thank You

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