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Welcome To My Pet Transportation Services

Here is a little bit about me and my services

I am a 15 year experienced emergency room RN with a love and passion for all animals.I have traveled across the country with many cats and dogs since 2011. My husband and I currently own five adopted cats. All with different medical needs. I also have experience with driving an ambulance for 5 years, so my attentivness to driving safely and carefully is priority.

  • I have a clean driving record
  • Full coverage car insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • USDA certified
  • Pet CPR certified
  • Access to 24/7 vet care if some unforeseen even happens

I understand that our pets are our family and I will treat yours as if they are one of my own. Animals bring so much joy to my life and Im excited to help others get their furry families back to them safely or bring them a new member of the family.


I will keep you constantly updated however you like. Regular watering, feeding and exercise will be provided along the way. During these stops I will contact you and the destination receiver with updates. I will also take into consideration any special request or any medication‘s that need to be given. Your pets safety is my #1 priority.

I can also use the Life360 GPS tracking app so that you can follow us enroute.

Your Pet

– If your pet has their own bed, crate and/or harness. I recommend using those.
-All surfaces in contact with pets will be
readily cleaned and sanitized between each pet transport.
– All food and water dishes will be cleaned and sanitized.
– If you have a feeding schedule I will abide by that schedule.
-Frequent potty and exercise breaks will be provided at quiet places (parks, rest areas, etc).
– I will never leave your pet unattended or subject them to any harsh temperature or weather.
-If your pet requires medications I can administer meds if supplied. Please provide prescription and directions provided by the veterinarian.
-If overnight travel is needed. Your pets and I will stay in pet friendly hotels. (expenses will be included in total cost).

**Most pets will be VIP due to the size of my vehicle.


  • With the fluctuations of gas prices I charge between 0.50-0.75 cents/mile round trip. Current rate at this time is 55cents
  • For short distances (less then 3hrs total) I don’t mind getting full payment at delivery as I understand that some customers may be hesitant with total payment upfront. Im willing to accept a 15% deposit which will be refunded as long as you do not cancel an hour before or during transport.
  • -For long distances (more then 3hrs total) Im willing to except half payment at pick up and the remainder at delivery. Or we can do a 20% refundable deposit as long as transport is not canceled.
  • -If you cancel 1hr before or during transport the deposit and any monies paid thus far are non refundable.
  • -I accepte CashApp, Venmo, Zelle or Square. Please NO personal checks.

To Request A Transport Please Email Me Below With:

  • Your Name
  • Email
  • What type of pet and approximate weight
  • Pick Up and Destination location
  • When do you need transport

My beautiful rescued boy, McCreedy

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