About Me

My name is Jamie and Im 42 years old. I’m a Registered Nurse in the emergency room and for the past 14yrs I have seen what lack of movement and poor eating habits do to the body. Whats worse is that this is being taught generation after generation. My goal is to educate and share how adopting a Primal way of living will increase your health/wellness/fitness/energy levels so that you can live a high quality life free of disease. Im also passionate about helping healthcare workers optimize their lives. Because I understand the stress we endure on a daily basis at work I want to teach you how I was able to get through my long shifts with more energy, better focus, better sleep and a happier life outside of work… especially for the night shifters!

You do not have to be weak, frail or sick as you age. I want your “golden years“ to be just that, GOLDEN!

I will teach you that you DON’T have to:

  • constantly crash diet or yo-yo diet to loose fat
  • spend time counting every single calorie. In fact, I will teach you that you DON’T have to count calories at all!
  • spend every waking hour at the gym
  • do endless amounts of cardio.
  • have no energy
  • have poor sleep
  • Sick all the time

I will show you how to make sustainable long term changes that have the most impact on whats important to you!

My background includes:

Primal Health Coach Certified, Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology and Bachelors Degree of Nursing with a 15+ yr passion for fitness and nutrition where I have learned, practiced and helped many people become healthier.
Ive also dabbled in recreational sports and competed in bodybuilding competitions.

Through many trial and errors, fails, successes and keeping updated on the latest research I have found that living a primal life has given many people their life and health back. 

Lets Start Living Your Best Life The Primal Way!

Im NOT a dietician, nutritionist or doctor and I don’t pretend to be one. They worked hard for those degrees and I will be happy to work along side them to help optimize your health. I will not treat, diagnose or prescribe.  Im a health coach with a lot of experience with a passion to help you become the best you! 

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